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Platform Open edX™ Fully Managed (SaaS)

Platform turnkey installation Open edX™ 

PANORAMA™ Advanced Analytics for the Platform Open edX™

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Academies & Educational Institutions

We provide a modern and flexible platform to teach online courses, with video content, documents, videoconferences and automated evaluations.

Includes ecommerce module for selling online courses, with electronic means of payment.





We create the Virtual Campus for your company. We provide a platform ready to manage the online training of your employees, with user management, reports and the possibility of incorporating content and courses in numerous formats. Consult our tailored plans for your organization.


Open edX technology

Our platform is based on technology Open edX, developed by Harvard & MiT to provide online courses. Since its launch, 46 million students have taken online courses with Open edX. It does not require complex implementations or investments in hardware.

Advanced and Flexible Analytics: PANORAMA

Organization leaders can get a high-level view of enrollment, student performance, and engagement at the organization level, while also having the ability to drill down to specific courses or students if needed.

aulasneo e-learning powered by open edx
  • Virtual Campus

  • Live classes

  • eCommerce module

  • Online training for companies

  • Content generation


We create tailor-made online training solutions to respond to current permanent training needs.

We make available to organizations a dynamic and modern e-learning platform, with costs according to the needs.

We help them generate content and structure courses quickly and efficiently.

We provide the solution as a service, without the need to invest in infrastructure or have dedicated resources or specific knowledge.



Our news

We invite you to participate in the elections of Open edX 2023

We invite you to participate in the elections of Open edX 2023

En Aulasneo we are platform experts Open Edx, which transforms the lives of people

Sessions Aulasneo: Cocktail Edition Buenos Aires 2022

Sessions Aulasneo: Cocktail Edition Buenos Aires 2022

Face-to-face event in Buenos Aires, on July 7, 2022, 18:00 p.m. Business center&

The Return to Face-to-Face Teaching

The Return to Face-to-Face Teaching

As we all know, in 2020 the world was engulfed in a pandemic that kept virtually

Analysis of user behavior based on data from PANORAMA

Analysis of user behavior based on data from PANORAMA

Our multidisciplinary team works to produce and implement the best solutions for e

Aulasneo Sessions: Harvard Report

Aulasneo Sessions: Harvard Report

How to implement strategies learned in the pandemic to the new face-to-face? In this

Aulasneo in Lisbon 2022

Aulasneo in Lisbon 2022

In a few days the Conference of Open edX 2022 that will take place from 26

Aulasneo Sessions: “Dynamic presentations in Zoom”

Aulasneo Sessions: “Dynamic presentations in Zoom”

Aulasneo presented its first webinar on April 13: “Dynamic presentations in Zoom”, to teach

Aulasneo Sessions: Dynamic presentations in Zoom

Aulasneo Sessions: Dynamic presentations in Zoom

Making Zoom sessions dynamic is quite a challenge. In this webinar we will provide tips and

How do we apply Aulasneo Bloom's Taxonomy?

How do we apply Aulasneo Bloom's Taxonomy?

In order to answer this question, we will start by saying that the Bloom Taxonomy is a

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Success stories

Thanks to our digital training solutions, numerous organizations generate improvements in the provision of services and free up time to focus on strategic activities of their business.

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About us Open edX Service Providers

Our value proposition

We take care of developing your online training portal and manage its content, so you don't have to worry about technology.

attractive content

Videos, texts, PDFs, images and interactive content allow us to provide a unique and stimulating learning experience.


A wide range of automated or instructor-graded assessment options provide numerous grading alternatives.  

Live Video Conference

Thanks to the Video Conference module (live streaming), courses can be enriched with live interaction between instructors and students, regardless of their location.

Certificate issuance

Once the approval requirements of each course have been completed, a PDF certificate is generated, with a unique verification code.

Usage and Ratings Reports

Analyze the performance of each course with a detailed progress report for each student and their grades. 

e-commerce store

Enable your online store to allow your students to pay electronically and sell your courses with multiple payment methods.

We accompany them in their online training projects

Our services at your fingertips


Comprehensive Management of Online Courses

Our operations team is in charge of loading the contents, solving all the issues of formats, configurations and necessary adjustments. 


Administration of Digital Training Programs

We manage the training of organizations through digital training programs, evaluating and reporting individual results.


Audiovisual Content Production

We produce content in video, animation, audio and presentations for the creation of your courses and training, tailored to your needs.


Instructional design

We advise them so that their courses incorporate the best pedagogical design practices, achieving a satisfactory online learning experience.


Live courses via Streaming from your auditorium

Simultaneously, effectively and efficiently deliver training across geographically dispersed locations from a central auditorium.


Digitization of Content of Face-to-face Courses

We digitize the contents of your face-to-face training, so that you can quickly start offering your online courses.


We make your elearning projects a reality