aulasneo: Solutions of LMS & Content Management

Aulasneo seeks to facilitate the process of creating the digital learning experience. In this way, our clients do not need to make any investment or assign resources dedicated to the implementation or management of the platform.
To achieve this goal, we compose our offer with the following elements:

Support in content generation
Structuring of courses in the educational management platform
Educational platform as a service
platform administration

Each project has its own characteristics. Therefore, we generate the appropriate combination of components to provide the best solution according to the needs and budget of each case.

Support in content generation

We understand that no one better than the instructor to define the contents and the appropriate way to transmit them. Instructors are responsible for generating course content. That is why we work together with them to make the most of the possibilities offered by digital learning.

To do this, we offer the following services, which we tailor to each project:

General advice of the platform
Digital marketing
Filming and recording of content
Basic and advanced video editing
Text editing
Set of interactive exercises
Certificate generation