Keys in the planning of eLearning Portals

When evaluating a project to create an online educational portal, it is essential to understand that 75% of the time allocated to its creation must be dedicated to PLANNING the course, the content creation plan and the evaluation methodology.

On numerous occasions, the focus is on the creation of content, and essential issues that have to do with the pedagogical structuring of the course are neglected, this being a fundamental element in online courses, due to the need to achieve dynamics and motivation. by the student on the other side of the screen.
Once the comprehensive planning of the course has been carried out (duration, modules, combination of educational resources -videos, texts, reading and comprehension tests-, correlations between modules and courses, etc.), the design of the course content is carried out.

Through various specific methodologies for each material, there is an urgent need for the materials provided to have a visual appeal and a dynamism that allow creating a link of interest with the virtual student.

For example, the incorporation of a periodic live session through a video conference is a very effective tool to generate a valuable online learning experience.