Videoconferences and their safety in the educational environment

In recent weeks,  There have been some incidents of intrusion into video conference sessions conducted with the Zoom application.

And while this has happened, it's not entirely Zoom's responsibility. Although he has his shortcomings, which have been corrected, the same thing would happen to many other systems.

These incidents are more widespread today with Zoom because it is the most used. And it is for the following reasons: it is the one that works best, the most intuitive, and it has an efficient free version (and the paid version is cheaper than other alternatives).

Zoom was not created for schools but for companies, where computers are protected by many other mechanisms.

The problem now is that it is being used indiscriminately and without taking the minimum necessary precautions. Zoom alone is not suitable for education. That's why what we do with Aulasneo is to incorporate it into a LMS (learning management system), which is the system that is prepared for educational institutions and gives them the security and privacy that Zoom does not have, in addition to administration and all other complementary functions such as sending materials, communication, correcting tasks, etc.