Success stories: CGC and our online learning portal


Enabling supplier self-management

As part of the implementation of a digitization program, GSC (Compañía General de Combustibles) incorporated a Supplier Portal to speed up and improve the processing of invoices. The decision to automate and digitize the management of vouchers through an online portal allowed these suppliers the possibility of entering them directly into the computer system of the accounts payable team, without time restrictions.

Challenges of supplier self-management

The adoption by GSC of the Supplier Portal, with its already mentioned advantages, also posed a challenge: to efficiently accompany the learning curve of suppliers in the use of the new electronic tool. Detailed document guides were provided in the first weeks of implementation, but increasing inquiries about the use of the new portal highlighted the need to provide more explanatory training using multimedia elements and framed in a learning management system. This training tool would provide the details visually, step by step, and would be available to existing providers as well as new ones.

Our learning portal as a response to the challenge

From Aulasneo, we proposed the implementation of our elearning platform, based on Open edX® and implemented in the cloud Amazon AWS to solve this challenge. In this way, CGC could provide an effective learning experience for providers to acquire the necessary knowledge for the autonomous management of the new portal. The content developed by Aulasneo in conjunction with the IT team of GSC They would consist of: detailed videos, navigating the screens of the Supplier Portal and highlighting the key fields and buttons of each step of the process, complementary documents and a guide to frequently asked questions. This approach configured an ideal solution since they would be self-managed. The systems team accepted our proposal and an exclusive portal was implemented for the "on-demand" training of suppliers, scalable, available 24×7 and with usage and access reports.

Impact of incorporating our solution

As a result of the incorporation of the training portal for suppliers, there was a decrease in the workload for the help desk with regard to the operation and navigation of the Supplier Portal. Only exceptional queries that were not covered in the usual operations continued to be made and consulted at the help desk.

The keys to solving the challenge of mass supplier training and on different dates was to incorporate self-managed online courses, in a scalable environment (backed by cloud resources). Amazon AWS, which allow expansion according to the needs of the operation), with a robust and flexible platform that provides an enriching user experience such as the one provided by Open edX® and with the experience of the team of Aulasneo in the personalization and realization of the integral project.

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