AIE ARG: Success stories with aulasneo

Until 2017 the Argentine Association of Structural Engineers (IEA ARG) had a long tradition of delivering training to its associates. All courses were taught in an auditorium in Buenos Aires where professionals from all over the country gathered for 2-day training sessions. In 2018 AIE ARG wanted to implement mixed courses to be able to hold the sessions in situ (seeking to stimulate the creation of networks among its associates) and offer a live broadcast to the rest of the country.

To meet this challenge in Aulasneo we implemented an exclusive Virtual Campus with videoconferencing capabilities, exams and many other features to enrich the learning experience.

As a result of this project, by the end of the first year, the remote student base grew to exceed onsite enrollment.

This case reflects the difficult path that the young engineers responsible for the training commission had to travel to overcome the resistance of a board not used to dealing with technology.

They were able to implement a blended learning project successfully.

In times of Covid19, as they have already implemented the Virtual Campus, they were able to start offering courses at their own pace and on demand. With the addition of the e-commerce module, they were able to monetize the courses remotely in a few days. Translation done with the free version of the translator

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