ICdeBA: A crucial solution to face the academic challenges of the Covid19 closure

ICdeBA (Clinical Institute of Buenos Aires) is a Psychoanalytic Postgraduate school that grants advanced academic degrees with a long tradition of working with professionals in Argentina.

On March 19, 2020, the Argentine government established a closure that included the closure of all schools. Face-to-face classes were not allowed, as a measure to prevent COVID-19 from spreading in the community. Although initially set for two weeks, news from other countries and regions indicated that these restrictions would not be lifted for several months.

For ICdeBA this sudden restriction posed an enormous challenge: how to start teaching 75 online courses for 500 students with a team of 100 professors and assistants with no experience in technology and videoconferencing solutions. Furthermore, there was a very short timeframe for resolution as the academic year was scheduled to start in the last week of March.

To meet this challenge, in Aulasneo we proposed to implement the technology Open edX® such as LMS which would manage all the institution's online courses. We had to keep in mind that their courses have a significant component of synchronous classes. For this, a videoconference solution (Zoom) was integrated through LTI to complement all the asynchronous materials. The fact of offering online courses with the platform Open edX® enabled a flexible scheme for assigning roles for students, teachers, teaching assistants, and school administrators.

Thanks to the robust and extensive feature capabilities of the platform Open edX® and ICdeBA's rapid decision-making and collaboration process, the Virtual Campus (as well as the creation of the 75 courses) was implemented in one week. Thus, the ICdeBA was able to start the academic year only one week later than the original calendar. The application was complemented with training sessions for teachers and assistants, so that they could understand the fundamentals of teaching their classes independently without outside help. This autonomy was made possible by the platform's intuitive user experience. Open edX® for all roles.

The successful implementation of this project highlighted the advantages that the platform Open edX® provides as a LMS flexible, scalable and powerful. For ICdeBA, the platform provided a valuable user experience that enabled non-tech-savvy users to take and deliver online courses, as well as deliver the courses with superior performance and an excellent academic experience. Other enriching features for the ICdeBA were the addition of a unified communication channel between faculty and students, through course mass emails, and the enhancement of instructor capabilities, while delivering supplementary reading materials in a clear manner. and organized. But the key success factor in this case was the seamless integration of live sessions: no sharing of links, meeting IDs, or passwords (with the security risks that come with such practices). Students and teachers just need to access the campus with their username and password to enter the live sessions.

The launch of online courses with an integrated e-commerce module led to the expansion of the student base, which was traditionally restricted by the infrastructure of the place. Students from different regions of Argentina, as well as from other Latin American countries, were able to join the classes.

The combination of a learner-centric user experience, scalability, and robustness, along with wide availability of features, make the platform Open edX® an excellent alternative of rapid response solutions to migrate from face-to-face classes to an online environment. In these unprecedented times that we live in, due to the pandemic, it has proven to be a fundamental tool for online courses.

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