aulasneo open edx 2021

Aulasneo at the annual educational technology event Open edX 2021

Aulasneo will participate with a speaker in the event where they present and discuss the latest research, learning approaches and best practices to integrate technology into the virtual classroom. 

  • The conference Open edX 2021 will be held on May 27, 2021

La Conference Open edX 2021 will have Andrés González (Co-founder and CTO of Aulasneo) as one of the featured speakers at the event with his presentation on Machine Learning applied to the learning platform.

Below is the summary of the presentation that our CTO will provide:

Andres Gonzalez Aulasneo Open edX

Machine learning (ML) techniques for Open edX

Machine learning (ML) is a hot topic when it comes to how to get more than typical reporting or analytics systems can deliver. What can we expect from ML techniques? How can they be applied to Open edX? What questions can we ask of such a system? We will provide an overview of ML techniques and their possible applications to the use cases of Open edX.

We'll show how to make a system that uses an ML algorithm to suggest courses you might be interested in based on your past enrollments and those of other users.


The conference Open edX 2021 is a virtual event where the educational technology community and experts present and discuss the latest research, learning approaches, and best practices for integrating technology into the virtual classroom. 

Aulasneo will be part of the virtual conference as a Silver Sponsor, reinforcing its commitment to technological innovation applied to the field of learning.

The participation of an Argentine company in this event of this magnitude is a sign of the avant-garde and validity of the human capital that the team of Aulasneo to contribute innovative ideas and solutions to the rest of the community.


Aulasneo is an Argentine company that provides virtual training solutions based on Open edX (the platform used by Harvard, Stanford and MiT for their online classes). Based in Buenos Aires, they provide services to educational institutions and NGOs around the world.