Did you know aulasneo® is a Verified Provider of Open edX?

En Aulasneo we are platform experts Open Edx, which transforms people's lives through online education. We know how to optimize the numerous resources available for teaching virtual courses, so that you can transform your project into reality.

We use Open edX as the engine of our educational platform, which allows us to implement training for various use cases. Our focus is on accompanying them to build an attractive learning experience for students.

As verified suppliers, we have access to the latest news about Open edx and resources that allow us to analyze numerous tools when implementing them to provide a service according to the needs of our current and future clients.

You can find us on the official site of Open edx clicking here!

Esteban Etcheverry

CEO & Co-founder of aulasneo.com

En Aulasneo, we are passionate about education and technology. We provide e-learning solutions based on the platform Open edX and enhanced by the infrastructure and services of Amazon AWS