At Aulasneo we know how to organize your event online

When organizing your online event, do you know what tools you should have to make it a success? Aulasneo we have a technology-based platform Open edX, which allows you to design the event according to your needs.

For participant registration, our platform provides the ecommerce module, which will allow online payment of event tickets. In the case of restricted registration events, registration can be done by invitation, limiting access to it. There is also the registration modality open to all public.

Being integrated with Zoom the platform will allow you to organize sessions in parallel (without limit of simultaneous sessions), plenary conferences, according to your schemes. Numerous configurations are possible, depending on the needs of the event.

The navigability of the event platform is very simple since it will allow attendees to enter a room quickly and if they wish to leave it, they can do so immediately and go to another room.

As we know that organizing an online event can be complicated... we have a team that can guide the organizer in the design, assembly and live support during the event. We also offer support and assistance services for users to have a smooth online experience.

And last but not least… we provide in-depth analytics with user activities during the conference.

Are you planning an online event?

Let it aulasneo® help you succeed!

Esteban Etcheverry

CEO & Co-founder of

En Aulasneo, we are passionate about education and technology. We provide e-learning solutions based on the platform Open edX and enhanced by the infrastructure and services of Amazon AWS