Why should the platform be in the cloud?

The educational platform is software that must be executed on some server. To maximize the benefits at the minimum cost and effort, it is advisable to set up the services in a cloud provider with a global reach and with high quality standards.

The educational platform is made up of a set of software pieces that implement all the functionality for teachers, students and administrators. This software must run on a computing infrastructure that provides the necessary processing, storage, and network access. The choice of this infrastructure is crucial for the service to reach users in the best possible way.

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Infrastructure considerations

When choosing an infrastructure to set up the services, the needs of the service and the users must be taken into account.

network access

Users access the system from their own devices through a data network. Although in some cases, such as companies or university campuses, many of the users are in an internal network, it is necessary to consider that users can access from outside through the Internet. For this, the servers must have Internet access that does not have bandwidth limitations to avoid slowness when multiple users access at the same time.

Bonded warehouse

Educational content must be stored so that users can consume it. Especially videos and large documents tend to consume a lot of space. Data storage must be managed properly so as not to run out of space for new content.


Processors are the components that make the software work. If they are scarce, there will be slowness or drop in services. If they are excessive, the cost will rise uselessly.


Both hardware and software are always subject to failure. This is unavoidable. What can be done is to create automatic mechanisms so that, even if a component fails, the service is maintained with minimal or no interruption. This may require duplication of components and elements that manage redundancy. The ability of a system to recover from an unexpected event is called resilience.

A well-designed infrastructure should withstand even a major event, impacting even an entire building or even a city. This is called disaster recovery procedures.


Being services accessible from the Internet, they are exposed to possible attacks. The architecture must contemplate security measures that avoid or mitigate the impact of these attacks.

Operating systems, virtual machines and containers

The educational platform requires base software that gives it access to computing resources (primarily processing, memory, storage, network, etc.) Operating systems, virtualizers, and containers address this need. Special care must be taken in the versions of each component and the update procedures to ensure compatibility while keeping the system up to date.

Physical infrastructure

All equipment must be physically located in a place that offers adequate conditions to operate safely and continuously. This includes:

  • Data center on location designed for this purpose
  • Access control for authorized persons
  • Power supply with multiple providers, electric generator, UPS and automatic panels
  • Industrial air conditioner and dehumidifier specifically designed for data centers
  • Fire control system for data center
  • Cabling organization and physical installation of servers
  • Redundant data network for data center
  • Monitoring and control 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

All this should also be duplicated in another separate building several kilometers away, and preferably in another city or country.

Additional Services

For the system to work fully, it is necessary to incorporate some additional services, some mandatory, others optional.

  • DNS: service to translate the names (such as https://ejemplo.com) to IP addresses of servers
  • SSL certificates: are those that allow encrypting communications to ensure privacy and security
  • Email: the system requires an email server to send notifications to users
  • CDN (Content Delivery Network): Optional service that improves response times around the world.
  • Firewall: filter external attacks
  • Monitoring: it is necessary to have a panel of indicators that show the state of health of all the components
  • cloud management: even in own data centers, a system is necessary that allows the management of virtual resources

When is it advisable to use my own data center?

Some large organizations have their own data center. If it meets the requirements mentioned above, it is possible to use a proprietary data center. However, even with your own center, the cloud option should be considered. An own data center may be the only option in organizations governed by some specific regulation, such as some government offices.

Outside of very specific specific cases, the general recommendation is to use cloud services.

Why is it advisable to use cloud services?

Cloud service providers solve all the complexity of setting up a data center:

  • compliance with the highest standards in data center construction
  • complete physical infrastructure
  • redundant and geographically dispersed data centers, including disaster recovery centers
  • ongoing support and maintenance
  • resource control and management system

In addition, the business model is flexible. Costs are generally associated with usage, which allows you to keep your budget adjusted to what is necessary. Unlike a data center, there is no upfront investment required.

Still, developing a cloud learning system requires knowledge of cloud systems, networks, and operation.

Because it is better Aulasneo with AWS?

En Aulasneo we choose AWS (Amazon Web Services) as a cloud service provider for several reasons:

  • Global reach: AWS has a presence in 26 geographic regions around the world, allowing us to get closer to users, no matter where they are
  • Recognized leader in cloud services provider worldwide, with millions of customers of all kinds
  • It offers a wide range of services that allows us to optimize the solution in terms of performance and costs.
  • We have the experience and the necessary resources to implement our services in the minimum time necessary and minimizing costs.

Aulasneo is part of the ISV program (Independent Software Vendors) from AWS, which means that our solution for Open edX It is endorsed by AWS to be offered in compliance with the highest quality standards. With this, we have the support of the entire AWS team to guarantee the operation of the service.

Learn more about AWShttps://aws.amazon.com/es/what-is-aws/

Andres Gonzalez
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