Aulasneo Sessions: “Dynamic presentations in Zoom”

Aulasneo He presented his first webinar on April 13: “Dynamic presentations in Zoom”, to teach about the use of the platform's own tools, show the integration with the LMS and present external applications that allow greater dynamism when giving a talk or teaching a class.

It had three instances:

At the beginning, the importance of having a LMS (learning management system) – better known as a virtual campus or learning management system – since it allows to build a learning path, design a study plan, organize courses, content and subjects. In addition, it allows the content to be presented asynchronously or synchronously, depending on the teacher's planning. Another powerful utility is the follow-up that can be carried out on the user, which includes monitoring and support during the completion of the course and the possibility of generating reports with information and data that allow the teacher to evaluate how efficient the course was and make adjustments.

In relation to this, the importance of integrating the tool "Zoom" al LMS: allows access to the class without losing access data. How did we find out about this? In 2020, the start of the pandemic generated by the COVID virus caused teachers to set up spontaneous classes “without planning” and send links through WhatsApp groups: remembering the link, ID and password of the correct class, limited participation in meetings . What does the integration solve? Users only need to log in to the platform and enter the zoom meeting directly. This facilitates the learning and teaching experience.

As for different dynamics, it was explained how to use voting or questions to capture the attention of the student/user, verify if they understood what was exposed, etc.; also how to use the breakout rooms (group sessions), which allow to generate team dynamics, in small groups so that there is more integration, that the people who participate get to know each other, etc.

As a closing and for the most risky, tools such as Mentimeter and Miro, which serve for the audience to participate and interact in real time from the cell phone, tablet and PC.

If you are interested in knowing more about how to make your classes more dynamic, we invite you to watch the video of the webinar that is available HERE

As agents of change in the world of Edtechat Aulasneo We seek to improve the teaching and learning experience. For this reason, we began with the dictation of monthly webinars, in order to provide our clients and the educational community with new ideas and tools to apply in their courses within the LMS.

Maria Laura Rivas Diaz
Marketing & Communication Specialist