Aulasneo in Lisbon 2022

In a few days the  Conference of Open edX 2022 which will take place from April 26 to 29, at the Nova School of Business and Economics, in Lisbon, Portugal. We are going to be there as speakers and sponsors.

This conference is essential for the development of Open edX since exchanges are generated, new tools are presented to apply to the code that allows to optimize the user/customer experience.

We tell you what we are going to talk about in Lisbon 2022

Qualification : “WordPress Integration and Open edX as an alternative to e-commerce
Description: We offer a simple strategy to implement e-commerce functionality to sell registrations, integrating WordPress with Open edX. Since the official e-commerce code is likely to become obsolete in the short term. Also, this module is difficult to set up and can be overkill in certain simple sales processes.

Ttitle: “Organize online and semi-face-to-face conferences with the platform Open edX"
Description: Due to the 2020 pandemic, academic and professional conferences have faced challenges in hosting their events. With restrictions on face-to-face meetings, online events were the only option available to share, discuss, and debate academic and professional research studies. In this context, the platform Open edX, due to its robustness and flexibility, offers an excellent alternative to host and manage large online events with simultaneous parallel sessions, plenary sessions and discussion rooms.
In this session we will show how to plan, configure and execute events online with the platform Open edX using third-party integrations (Zoom, Vimeo), enhancing the platform's built-in features. We'll show a variety of possible configurations (based on real-world examples) and provide recommendations for organizers to consider during a live event.

These talks that we will give are part of the contribution that we make in Aulasneo a Open edX, this allows us to research, develop and generate new implementations to apply in our services to optimize the teaching and learning experience

Maria Laura Rivas Diaz
Marketing & Communication Specialist