Our multidisciplinary team works to produce and implement the best e-learning solutions, adapted to the specific needs of each organization. 

  • We create customized distance training platforms:

    We respond to permanent training needs, making training available to all organizations a dynamic and modern eLearning platform.

  • eLearning for Companies: 

    We develop custom portals that adapt to the training needs of each company, either for your employees (HR courses, Safety and Hygiene, Sales Techniques, Training on Products, Internal Processes), or for external agents (Suppliers, External Technicians, External Vendors, etc.)

  • Educational institutions:

    We develop jointly with educational institutions a portal that provides remote courses (virtual classrooms), in self-service mode (students choose their own rate of progress) or guided by an instructor, and courses that are complementary to face-to-face classes, taking advantage of the potential of having a state-of-the-art platform.

  • Freelance Educators:

    We give you a channel within our Virtual Campus in which they can publish their online courses, taking advantage of having to deal only with the content and their virtual students. The digital infrastructure, content hosting and ecommerce modules (including integrated online payments) are included so that they can optimize efforts and provide the best courses.

  • Content production:

    We produce video content for the creation of courses and trainings that adapt to the needs of the company. This allows us to develop bespoke and flexible training solutions to respond to the dynamic requirements of organizations.

    • Content adaptation:

We adapt the contents of face-to-face courses to e-learning modality. Our team of professionals is made up of specialists in didactic and pedagogical content design for e-learning format, as well as web designers specialized in the use of the necessary tools for courses in this format.

    • Material production:

Produce courses from the material provided by the client (documents, manuals, instructions, etc.)

    • Administration of the distance training program:

Manage the training program when the client prefers to outsource these resources. The service includes:

    – Administration of user profiles (students, tutors, teachers, administrators).
    – Content administration (courses, evaluations, practical works and complementary material)
    – Maintenance and updating of the educational platform

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