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Open source technology is a powerful driver of change. Once the platform is shared with the community, a fascinating process begins: developers and users from all over the world begin to play with the software and, more importantly, begin to create new features and new use cases that they seek. address goals that the original developers had not envisioned at their inception. Open edX ™ is no exception to this approach.

Thousands of implementations of Open edX ™ around the world are driving educational technology initiatives for educational institutions, universities, academia, NGOs and companies of all sizes.

The adoption of Open edX ™ has been growing from its origins as a MOOC platform with an accelerated pace in recent times due to the challenges of Covid and confinement.

This wide adoption sometimes defies original perspectives. And this is the case with analysis tools. Most of the existing analysis tools for Open edX ™ focus on courses, since the dynamic MOOC provides valuable information with this perspective.


But for other use cases, a more comprehensive approach is needed:

  • An academy wants to see the complete list of enrollment, participation and performance indicators for a particular student.
  • A university wants to track the performance of students in a specific major made up of a set of courses.
  • An academy wants to be able to see which courses are most attractive to students and, at the same time, which provide the main sources of income.

PANORAMA an innovative approach

To address this diverse spectrum of analysis, in Aulasneo we have developed PANORAMA: a flexible analysis engine that can be easily customized and adapted to the specific needs of each organization that delivers online courses through Open edX ™.


Panorama is an analytics engine that enables organizations using Open edX ™ offer online courses to create your own management panels.


Roles differentiated by user profile

Institution leaders can get a high-level view of enrollment, student performance, and engagement at the organization level, while also having the ability to drill down to specific courses or students if needed.

Analytic views can also be customized by setting different access levels, such as:

  • Admin view: permissions to view all dashboards available to the organization.
  • Instructor view: permissions to see a detailed view of the courses they are a part of as a staff in a single dashboard.
  • Student view: permissions to see all the statistics of the courses in which you are enrolled in a centralized dashboard.
  • Partner view: In organizations that have multiple learning partners, he can provide them with a view-only user dashboard that can exclusively track course activities for that specific partner.
  • Data Scientist Power User: organizations can have power users to create their own dashboards that link different data sets and set up custom data analyses.



The enhancement features of Panorama also include options to integrate with eCommerce modules to keep track of income and any additional information generated by an external system linked to the LMS (such as human resources software).


auslaneo Panorama It is entirely based on Amazon AWS serverless components, without any EC2 instances.

Our development follows the following logic, which provides scalability and flexibility:

Data collection > Data pre-processing > Log data tracking needs some pre-processing > Data extraction > Data lake > Data query > Data presentation

Thanks to its completely serverless architecture, Panorama it is *:

  • Faster to implement: in a few minutes.
  • Simpler: no code, no code change Open edX, no app to install
  • More scalable: worldwide integration of multiple instances of Open edX
  • More flexible: easily integrate with external data sources
  • More controllable: granular control of data access
  • More customizable – easily create your own reports
  • Smarter: Use ML to augment data
  • More Durable: Mostly independent of versions of Open edX
  • More secure: no open ports or API required for data extraction
  • More secure: control access with IAM
  • More reliable: based on a serverless architecture
  • More efficient: it does not load the instances very much. Open edX
  • Easier to maintain: no OS, no dependencies, no infrastructure
  • Cheapest: its cost model is based on usage

* Compared to similar systems based on traditional web application architectures

Improved AI and ML (Machine Learning) analytics

With PANORAMA, the analytics possibilities are not limited to historical data collected from the platform. Dashboards can include predictions using machine learning and artificial intelligence tools to plan for different scenarios. These use cases can help all types of organizations plan and shape their goals with a data-driven perspective.

PANORAMA is available to all instances of Open edX ™.


PANORAMA is available for all implementations of Open edX ™. It is part of our hosted solutions Open edX ™ in Aulasneo, as part of our software as a service (SaaS) offering.

PANORAMA it can also be implemented in self-hosted deployments. For these cases, a configuration is established to connect to the instances of Open edX ™ and provides access to 3 essential control panels.

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